Mountcollins and its Vicinity

by Larry Begley

A 440 page containing the varied history of Mountcollins and its Vicinity. Topics in the book include: Ancient History, The Whiteboys, The Famine, The Workhouse, Moonlighters, R.I.C, Pubs, Shops, Dr. Saunders , 1948 Rebellion, Rockites, Marriage Customs, Wakes, Funderals, G.A.A., Roads, Townlands, The Feale and its Tributaries, The Protestant Church in Fealesbridge, Murders, Evictions, Duels, Smuggling, Fever of 1880, The Volunteers, L.D.F., Music, Bands, Education, Hedge Schools, Profiles of Various people, Court of Poetry and 120+ other items.